My soon to be sister in law last year got on the wrong 9770side of vindictive management tactics when she got applied for a job that someone else wanted within her company. After that she went from a job she liked to demotion and moved to another office further from home. Her new office doesn’t have windows so I said I could fix that ;-). I took some photos of sunrise this June in Maine when we were all on a summer vacation on Long Lake in Maine. I finally printed them as big as I could and framed them with foam core to look like window frames. I will give it to her at her Jack and Jill wedding shower this Labor day weekend. Hope she likes them.



A year ago my great friend Rena approached me and asked if I could create some photographs for her. She was the architect of record for the City of Bostons Retirement board space renovation. She had a vision of pictures in the space that reflected the City but in a “less obvious way”. There are many recognizable sights in the city, but Rena wanted images that made you think for a second “that looks familiar” but not be instantly recognizable. So I took the project and her inspiration and eventually delivered a 100 or so images of the city. From that Rena and some key advisers from the project picked  a fee and we had them printed and framed. Here is the end work on display in the space.




20150417_155216A few years after the above job, a member of the Boston Teachers Union saw the work at the Retirement board and went about finding me. When they did they asked if I could do something along the same lines for their conference room. So we chatted through the story and options. We identified some specific schools in their territory to photograph and I went to work. I presented a contact sheet of the outcome and they picked the pieces they liked. We mixed images from the Retirement board set and the schools to make a collection. Then I came up with layout. Rena and I then had the photography printed, framed and hung. Here is the end result.

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