About me,
My name is Alastair and I have had a camera and a desire to take pictures since the age of 10.
First of, what is photography for me? It is an art, I will admit that, but its really a chance to capture history and memories. I spend all my time trying to capture that for a client. Capture as many moments as possible. It is also a curse. I think I will spend the rest of my life thinking about what I didn’t get. None of my clients have as yet said “you didn’t get that shot”, but I always remember the shot I didn’t get. I am by heart a perfectionist, and I have a high bar for myself. I will go to my grave with all the personal chastising, believe me.
My first camera was a point and shoot of sorts but my dad made sure it had F-stop levels and shutter settings. I have since had many cameras, from film (both point and shoot and then SLR) to digital SLR which is what I rely on now.
Life has been about travel through my years from birth in Mexico, living my childhood in much of southern England and Cairo, Egypt. After University I moved to the USA and California, Connecticut and Massachusetts. I currently live in Milton, MA, USA.
I am by trade a professional model maker for an architecture firm, this forced me into being a good “scale/architecture photographer” just to get a portfolio. Over the years however I have had increasing call to photograph people, models and architecture for a variety of reasons. I love both careers and the ability to do both keeps me creatively fulfilled.