So very quickly after you start to check out a specific photographer you will want to know what he or she charges for their work. It may even be the first thing you want to know, and rightly so.

So here is what I charge, in general. Click on this thumbnail image to see the page.

This is one example however. Everything is a variable. Thinks can be added or cut to give you what you want and can afford. Email me for a more bespoke break down and total cost.

Another point I learned many years back when looking for  a photographer for my own wedding is to make sure you ask the person you are considering for “a full set from one wedding”. My brother was the impetus for this. When he was hiring a photographer for his wedding, he and his wife were only ever shown “the best of” images and had, in hindsight, generated a distorted view of what to expect from the photography they would receive after their wedding. They were surprised and sadly disappointed as it was not what they wanted. So to that end, HERE are the contacts sheets of photographs I took at one recent wedding so you can see what you will get.