Over the years, starting in 2008, I chose to take my camera to friends weddings and take some pictures as and where I could. I took them for the bride and groom to have another angle on their day. Turned out sometimes that the couple preferred my pictures to their own paid photographers. In 2011 my wife’s family friends took a bold step and asked if I would be their only official photographer. Since that day I have been asked more and more to be a wedding photographer through word of mouth. To date I have done at least 2 weddings a year, every year since.
Weddings for me are a life milestone event. A joyous day where everyone looks their best and where “once in a lifetime” pictures are possible. I remember at my own wedding when I spoke to the photographer about my “one priceless shot”. If all the other pictures failed, this one had to be right. For me it may surprise you that it was the whole wedding group shot. For my family it was a once in a lifetime chance. Not all of the people that meant the most to me would likely ever be together as one again. That shot had to be the best. For every couple it is a different photograph, but the sentiment is the same, you want a perfect photo from the milestone in you life that years from now you can look back on with pride, joy and remembrance. It is a lot of work for me and I try my hardest long after your day to give you what I think I would want and more than you asked for. The end results bring great satisfaction to me and give joy to my clients.

Below are some of the best images from weddings I have photographed.