A video I conceived with our marketing director, shot and edited for my office to advertise our new website. This is the directors cut, the version that was sent out was the shorter one also posted at the vimeo site.


When I’m not taking pictures I’m making architectural models for the company at which I work. Here is where the two talents come together.


A competition entry I conceived, shot and edited for a Diocesan film festival competition.


From the above video I expanded the final piece for my church’s use by adding more content and matching the background song’s actual length.


A video collage piece for my nieces first birthday. Video and images mostly provided by my brother. First video section was also by my brother. The rest was my work. The making of it can be seen here.



For my nieces 2nd Birthday video my brother and I changed how we made the videos. The burden of sole creative maker was taken off my shoulders. We came up with the concept of making the segment parts in Animoto and then compiling everything after that in Adobe Premiere with interstitial pieces added then and final compilation. My brother was then able to help with the video. Video and images mostly provided by my brother. For this piece (including the hand written intro) I did the last segment and the 3D part at the end. The making of the ending can be seen here.


The final ending animation for my nieces 3rd Birthday video. Created in 3D Studio MAX.


The whole video with the ending in place.


At this point my brother had a second child and so the work load doubled. Luckily as I wrote above we had come up with a pretty good structure for working process, so the burden was bearable. The use of a shared Dropbox location also helped so we could work on the same files. So we created a video collage piece for my nephews first birthday. For this I just did the end sequence in 3D Studio MAX, my brother did the rest with a combination of Animoto and Adobe Premiere.


A video collage piece for my nieces 4th birthday. At this point I only do the end sequence in 3D Studio MAX. My brother does the rest of the compilation in Animoto by section and then a final compilation in Adobe Premiere.


A video timelapse of the reception at a wedding I was the photographer for.


Many years ago my sister-in-law came up with the concept of a video piece to celebrate my brothers 30th birthday. So she tasked a great friend of theirs and myself with the task of creating it. So we did. Luckily Neal Young had skills in video editing and took that bear of a task on. I created the opening and closing of the video. The end result was shown at a small cinema in San Francisco at a Premiere type event. It was awesome.